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French Cider Tasting Schedule

by Elfsight Support Collaborator May 09, 2019

Our Fall Tasting Schedule is underway!  Check back often for new events!  Red highlighted times signify times that were recently changed or edited.

  • Mon.   Oct. 7             12 to 3pm     Industry-Only Brandy Tasting 
  • Mon.   Oct. 7              7 to 9pm      Brandy Pairing at The Barrel Thief


Please join Beauchamp Imports at the Barrel Thief for an exclusive industry-only tasting led by Eric Fourault from Fourault Company of Bordeaux. Featuring Calvados Pierre Huet blends and vintages. Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac blends and vintages and Cognac from Prince de Didonne. Introducing our unique Pierre Huet Crème de Calvados, Crème de Pomme Verte and Pear Calvados Liqueur; Labiette Castille Floc de Gascogne and Folle Blanche.

Don’t miss this chance to talk to a spirits expert from France and benefit from his special knowledge of brandy. This is a drop-in industry-only event, with a brief ten minute brandy overview given occasionally during the afternoon.

Please RSVP by Monday, Sept. 30. This tasting is free of charge, includes snacks and is open to qualified spirits buyers only. Please bring a business card. RSVP to joan@frenchcider.com.


Join us Monday Oct. 7th, 7pm to 9pm,  for a special Brandy Pairing at The Barrel Thief, with brandy master Eric Fourault. $40 per person. Please register here:

You'll be treated to a buffet of seasonal appetizers prepared by The Barrel Thief’s head chef, Hattie Mason, while you savor a flight of 6 French brandies:  two award-winning Calvados blends from Pierre Huet, two premium Bas Armagnac blends from Labiette Castille, and two distinctive Cognacs from Prince de Didonne.  All brandies will also be available for order at the event. Event hosted by Beauchamp Imports.



Elfsight Support Collaborator
Elfsight Support Collaborator