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La Chouette Original Demi-Sec Cidre - BEST BUY


La Chouette Original is a demi-sec craft apple cidre that is made from a selection of apples from the traditional orchards around Mont Saint-Michel. La Chouette is a pure apple juice cidre, meaning it contains no added sugar, water, coloring, or flavoring. 330ML (12 oz) bottles. 4.5% alc./vol. 

Tasting Notes
Shiny golden color with orange hues, elegant aroma of floral and fruitiness, with hint of caramel and a slightly tart and tangy finish. Serve chilled in white wine glasses.


  • World's Best Sparkling Cider, World Cider Awards 2019, 
"Cooked peach and apricot on the nose alongside candied peel, while the palate is lively and broad. Bittersweet tanins run alongside orange citrus, caramel, toffee and light spices."
  • Silver Medal, GLINTCAP Awards 2019 
  • Silver Medal, 85  points, Highly Recommended, Tasting.com 2018 World Championship

"Copper color. Aromas of cinnamon applesauce, dough, molasses, and clove with a slightly chewy, bright, effervescent, dry-yet-fruity light body and a medium poached pears, apricot, and rum-raisin finish. A refreshing and mild-tempered cider for the table." 

At the bar: serve alone or with small plates.
Dresses up lunch: salads, soups, sandwiches.
Perfect with dinner: roast pork and chicken dishes; for an added treat, pour cidre over mussels while cooking.
Add vodka & ice to create La Chouette’s signature cocktail, the “Drunken Owl”.

Apple Varieties
Doux Normandie, Doux Veret de Carrouges, Tardives de la Sarthe, Frequin Rouge, and Bedan, among others, are used in its production.

BEST BUY CATEGORY: Past Best By Date. Cider flavor is pristine for at least 2 more years.