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2015 Vintage Hérout à Auvers Cidre AOC Cotentin Brut


We are currently offering bottles of the award-winning 2015 vintage, Cidre Cotentin Brut! Hérout à Auvers is the only French cider producer who puts a vintage date on their bottles. The date represents the year the apples where harvested.  Like a fine wine, the flavor evolves with time and we think the 2015 Brut is just about perfect right now.  to heighten the flavor experience,  decant/carafe it before drinking. Cotentin Brut cider is made from 100% organic, naturally-fermented cider apple juice.  750ml bottles. 5% alc/vol.

Tasting Notes
This organic, dry cider has a full-bodied character with a naturally tangy and round flavor. Enjoy its pleasing floral notes and delicate, dry finish. Treat this vintage cider like a fine vintage wine:  Pour well-chilled cider into a carafe or decanter about 10 minutes before serving to allow it to breathe. Enjoy in white wine glasses.

Great with lunch: salads, sandwiches, soups.
Delicious with appetizers: fresh oysters, seafood appetizers, cheese plates, charcuterie, single-ingredient small plates
Perfect with dinner: seafood main courses and fish, vegetarian courses.

Apple Varieties
Bitter and bittersweet local varieties called Petit Amer, Binet Rouge, Feuillard, Cartigny, Clos Renaux, and Rouge de Cantepie, among others, are used in its production.

2018 Concours de Paris - Medaille D'Argent  (Silver Medal)
2017 Concours de Paris - Medaille D'Argent (Silver Medal)  
2017 Concours de Normandie - Medaille D'Argent (Silver Medal)