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Lefevre Brut 330ml

This brut cidre is an inspired reinterpretation of a traditional Lefevre family recipe. Made from a blend of six different varieties of French cidre apples, it has been fermented at a low temperature and aged in stainless steel tanks for up to five months to produce a dry, robust apple cidre. 56 calories per bottle. 330ML (12 oz.) bottles. 5.9% alc/vol.  

Tasting Notes
Golden auburn hue with lively bubbles. Intense aroma of licorice and coffee, with a slight citrusy finish. Serve well-chilled, in a white wine glass, a traditional pint or in a footed beer tulip glass.

At the bar: serve alone or with small plates.
Dresses up lunch: salads, soups, sandwiches.
Delicious with paté, Camembert, brie, and other creamy, triple crème cheeses, goat cheese.
Perfect with dinner: roast pork and chicken dishes.

Apple Varieties
Sweet, bittersweet, and bitter varieties. The most common apple variety used is “douce moen”.