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Cider - Assortments

Holiday Cider Trio - Aperitif + Dinner + Dessert Ciders

With this trio of premium beverages, pair just the right cider with every course of your holiday meal.  Includes Pierre Huet Pommeau de Normandie,  Kystin Chestnut Apple Cider and Kystin Secrèt Ice Cider.  

Start the day's festivities with Pommeau de Normandie as as an aperitif over ice or as a base for holiday cocktails. Then serve the delectable Kystin Chestnut Apple cider with your turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato holiday meal. And finally, move on to savor the Kystin Secrèt Ice Cider for dessert with your apple or pumpkin pie. 

Or simply enjoy any of them alone any time during the day's festivities.  Three 750ml bottles.

Pierre Huet Pommeau de Normandie - a luscious blend of Calvados (brandy distilled from apple cider) and fresh apple juice - blended and aged in a French Oak cask for 4 years.  Rich apple aromas that quickly give way to tastes of almond, honey, cherry and dried fruit on the palate. 18% alc.vol

Kystin Chestnut Apple cider - a rare blend of apples and organic chestnuts co-fermented into a flavorful cider to accompany your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  Flavors of candied chestnut, cocoa and intense florals. 4% alc/vol

Kystin Secrèt Ice Cider - A delectable cider made from cider apples frozen on the tree, pressed and fermented into the perfect dessert accompaniment.  A garnet amber color warms up your senses before you experience the heavenly flavors of baked apple, dried cherry, dried mango and a fleeting hint of ripe banana. 10% alc/vol