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Ice Cider & Hand Blown Glasses

Rare and exotic, Kystin Secrèt Ice Cider has big flavor and the tiniest bit of effervescence. 

A deep garnet color warms up your senses before you experience the heavenly flavors of baked apple, dried cherry, dried mango and a fleeting hint of ripe banana. The balanced acid on the finish provides an unexpected grand finale.  Made from cider apples that are left to freeze on the tree, then fermented, this cider is spectacular.

Serve chilled and neat in these aqua blue stemless glasses, handblown in Casablanca.

Kystin Secrèt Ice Cider is good for at least 6 months if refrigerated after opening.

One bottle Kystin Secrèt Ice Cider (750ml) and two glasses (6 oz). $80.00