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Pierre Huet Poiré Demi-Sec - BEST BUY

This delicious, demi-sec poiré is the perfect combination of four varieties of sweet and bitter pears. Slowly fermented for one to three months before being bottled, it achieves the perfect balance of semi-sweetness and roundness. 750ML bottles. 2% alc/vol.

Tasting Notes
Lightly effervescent, with a fruity and caramel aroma, and refreshing finish on the tongue. Beautiful, pale yellow color. Serve chilled in white wine glasses or champagne flutes.

Perfect for celebrating.
Fantastic with desserts: cheesecake, apple pie/tart/cobbler, crème brûlée.
Livens up your brunch menu.

Pear Varieties
Plants de Blanc, Fosset, Poire de Cloche, Mordouet


  • Gold Award, CiderCraft Magazine 2018, Best Perry
  • 2nd place, Concours Regional Paris