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Vintage Calvados Tasting!

by Joan Kitterman December 09, 2020

An Evening of Vintage Calvados - Virtual Tasting Dec. 17, 7pm.

Join French Cider & Spirits' Chief Calvados Enthusiast, Joan Harkins, in this special virtual tasting event on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 7pm. Tickets are $25 per person plus taxes and fees.

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Experience four vintage (millésimes) Calvados from 1997, 1987, 1977 and 1967 that have been produced on the Marquis de Saint-Loup estate.  These elegant, single distillation AOC Calvados are drawn from one, unique distillation batch from a single year and aged in old oak casks.  These casks are sequestered in the aging caves and are used for bottling millésimes from that vintage year only. A 1967 millésime Calvados, for example, is the aged, unblended spirit from a single distillation that occurred in 1967. The spirits are drawn from the barrels each year beginning after the 20th year of aging.  Millésime spirits represent the essence of the distillation of the apples from that year only and, as such, are distinct from blended spirits.   

This is a rare opportunity to compare these four vintage Calvados side by side. 

We will also hold a raffle to give away two beautiful Calvados books "Calvados, A small guide to the world's premier apple brandy".  Full of vivid photos showing the region, orchards, and estates, you'll want to get a copy! 

Registration required, event tickets $25 per person (plus fees and tax). Sign up here. Spots will fill up fast!


Joan Kitterman
Joan Kitterman