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Producer—Sasha Crommar

Sasha Crommar, founder of Kystin Cidres, launched the Kystin brand and cidery five years ago in Brittany, France. He just recently opened his boutique cider store in Vannes, Brittany. His goal is to create an innovative brand. He draws on his AOC expertise, Normandy apples and his ties to Brittany to guide his cider making. He currently has 5 hectares (12 acres) planted in orchards in Normandy. A human-sized enterprise and simplicity are important to him. Sasha is striving to create surprising yet subtle flavors - ones that you are happy to drink with your everyday meals and holiday meals. He encourages consumers to think of cider as a refreshing beverage that can go with anything – seafood, chicken, veal – not just crepes!

Sasha’s family is originally from Scotland. Although they arrived in France in the 14th century, Sasha still identifies strongly with Celtic culture. In fact, he chose the name “Kystin” because it comes from the Breton word for chestnut. Initially, he followed in his family’s footsteps and worked in the textiles industry. But eventually an opportunity that he couldn’t resist presented itself and Sasha moved to Normandy in 1996 to became a cider maker for a Normandy AOC cider producer. This rich experience taught him the history of the terroir, climate, and Normandy apples.

Like all artists, Sasha’s background in the highly regulated methods of traditional AOC cider production taught him valuable skills and gave him a deep appreciation of the culture of cider making. Now with Kystin, he is free to create a selection of products that span from traditional and classic to surprising. He strives to intrigue and delight by the introduction of new and interesting flavor combinations that would never be allowed in AOC cider production .His traditional brut cider, Kystin Opalyne has a surprising bit of sweetness on the front but then a delightfully straightforward, elegant dry finish. The Kystin Cuvee XVII Chataigne Cidre–the first cider he produced at Kystin - is an intriguing mix of organic chestnuts co-fermented with apples. The primary fermentation is done with the apples and chestnuts together. The final product has onctuous bubbles that give it a fine mouth feel. And finally the Kystin Kalysie Ginger Pear is a perfectly balanced duo of poire and fresh ginger. The primary fermentation creates the poire and then the ginger is added later and co-fermented with the poire.

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