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Named for his father's horse, Nelcius, that won the prestigious Prix du Jockey Club in 1966,  Nelcius Whisky is a made by renowned wine-maker, Réné-Philippe DuBoscq at Chateau Laujac. Through his passion for wine and whisky, Réné-Philippe DuBoscq pays tribute to the land and his heritage.  The DuBoscq family has been involved in raising horses and making fine wines in the Medoc region for two generations.

The chateau itself, built in 1805, is located in the Medoc region, northwest of Bordeaux, in an area known for its fine wines. The estate is registered in France's Historical site and Pre-Historical site register. Owned since 1852 by the family of his wife, Vanessa Cruz,  the estate has been owned and managed by Réné-Philippe and Vanessa since 2012.  The activity of making fine whiskies has gradually developed over the years at Chateau Laujac under the stewardship of Réné-Philippe who seeks to express the terroir of Chateau Laujac not only through his wines, but also through his whiskies.

Nelcius Whisky is a 100% French Whisky. The barley is grown, malted and distilled in France.  The whisky is then matured in Chateau Laujac's wine barrels that have previously held award-winning Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. The distillation occurs in Alsace in small Carle type stills.  Nelcius Whisky is double-distilled to guarantee intense aromas and delicate flavors.