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Bear Brothers Gins are hand-crafted, organic, London Dry gins produced in the Occitanie region of southern France. The gins belong to the highest quality category of gins, the distilled products of the London Dry gin appellation, and are resolutely inspired by nature and the Pyrenean terroir. All Bear Brothers’ Gins are made with hand-harvested juniper berries and trademark exotic fruits currently sourced from the South of France and Italy – yuzu, Buddha’s Hand citrus, caviar limes, cambava, bergamot, Corsican citron and more. Only natural products go into the composition - no flavors, no essential oils, no sugar. All the gin recipes have been created with input from a local citrus “genius” and a Michelin starred chef to highlight the fresh aromas and natural flavors imparted by the high quality ingredients. 

Bear Brothers Gins are made with utmost respect for the environment and for the customer. Everything is fresh, organic, and seasonal. Starting in 2026, all citrus and botanicals will be sourced from Bear Brothers own organic orchards and gardens located less than 5 KM from their distillery.

Bear Brothers is first and foremost a story of brothers and childhood friends, three sports enthusiasts who are passionate about nature and gastronomy. Why the name "Bear Brothers"? For three former rugby players from a small village in the Ariège mountains near Spain, nature and friendship have been a true inspiration. The name "Bear Brothers" pays respect to the Pyrenean bears - an endangered species reintroduced in 1996 to their mountain habitat in the mountain range between France and Spain. It also honors the enduring friendship of three friends who were mobilized to discover the virtues of their territory through their spirits and embarked on this journey together in 2019. Bear Brothers recently completed the newest distillery in France, Distillerie des Pyrenees 2.0. It boasts the most up-to-date equipment, and Stupfler Stills – the crown jewels of the operation.

Julien Caruana is the entrepreneur behind the operation. Passionate about spirits, oenology, and gastronomy, like the other bears, he oversees the new distillery, Distillerie des Pyrénées 2.0.

Alexandre Caruana is the company creative who sources the exotic ingredients. Alexandre recently made the decision to plant 670 citrus trees and 1500 juniper plants less than 5kms from the distillery in order to integrate all aspects of the production of Bear Brothers spirits. This 50,000 square meter property includes 25 varieties of citrus and 5 varieties of botanicals. They also have 1500 square meters of greenhouses located less than 5km from their distillery. In 2026 (three years after planting), these trees and plants will be certified organic and integrated into the production process.

Frédéric is the manager of infrastructure, logistics and energy management of the distillery. Frederic is also the nose of the team.

When it comes to Bear Brothers philosophy, there is an unwavering commitment to working with only fresh and seasonal products. And a firm commitment to use only the best water they can find – “perfect” water sourced from deep within the Pyrenees Mountains. The gins are hand crafted and made from wheat based neutral grain alcohol which is distilled into a London Dry gin using Mediterranean-style of botanicals, spices, exotic citrus, and hand-harvested, mountain juniper berries. The distillation occurs in two Stupfler stills located in their newly completed, ultra-modern distillery - Distillerie des Pyrénées 2.0. Located on the edge of the famous Canal du Midi, a classified UNESCO World Heritage, the distillery is now open to the public for tours. We are told that the winter season is the finest season to experience the aromas in the distillery when Bear Brothers are working day and night to transform their citrus and botanicals into Bear Brothers spirits.