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BB9 Gin from Bear Brothers -Pre-Order now!

The Gin of the Pyrenees.

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An organic, London Dry gin produced in the Basque region of France. Made in the Mediterranean-style with botanicals, spices, exotic citrus, and hand-harvested, mountain juniper berries.  Wheat-based neutral grain alcohol.  Distillation in Stupfler stills.  Nothing but water sourced from deep within the Pyrenees Mountains is added after distillation.

Aromas of bergamot, Nepalese timut pepper and grapefruit. Mediterranean flavors of exotic citrus, thyme, sage and coriander. Balanced with bergamot and juniper berries.

Bear Brothers Gin belongs to the highest quality category of gins, the distilled products of the London Dry gin appellation, and are resolutely inspired by nature and the Pyrenean terroir. All their gins are made with their hand-harvested juniper berries and trademark exotic fruits –Yuzu, Buddha’s Hand citrus, Caviar lemons, Bergamot, Corsican citron and more. Only natural products go into the composition - no flavors, essential oils, or sugar.

Why the name "Bear Brothers"? For three former rugby players from the Ariège mountains, nature and friendship has been a true inspiration. The name "Bear Brothers" pays respect to the Pyrenean bears-an endangered species recently reintroduced to their mountain habitat in the mountain range between France and Spain.  It also honors the enduring friendship of three friends who were mobilized to discover the virtues of their territory through their spirits.  

41% alc by vol. 700ml.

******Available now for pre-order with free shipping on Royalbatch.com. Click here to purchase and ship anywhere in the US! 

Visit Bear Brothers YouTube channel.