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Maison Hérout Micro-Cuvée No. 5 (Organic)

The 2021 Vintage Micro-Cuvée No. 5 is a sparkling, organic cider distinguished by its light golden color.  It is fermented for at least 4 months in a cuve before being bottled. The fermentation continues after bottling for several more months.  This special Micro-Cuvée is composed of 50% Réné-Martin apples (a tart/acidic variety typically used in Maison Hérout’s organic apple juice). The remaining 50% is a blend of bitter and bitter-sweet apples that are typical to the Cotentin peninsula, where Maison Hérout is located. Less than 3grams of residual sugar.

Tart, extra-dry, tannic with fine effervescence.  Drinks like a Basque or Spanish cider but not quite as dry. The unusual proportions of tart, bitter and bitter-sweet apples give this cider a freshness with subtle aromas of fresh apples.

Maison Hérout follows the cider-making tradition of their ancestors – their ciders are all organic and fermented naturally with indigenous yeast.  The bubbles are the result of a natural effervescence with fermentation continuing to occur in the bottle.  Maison Hérout ciders are not pasteurized or carbonated.  Gluten – Free and vegan.

750ml/5.5% alc by vol