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Distillerie des Moisans

Maison Royale Brandy VSOP

Produced at Distillerie Moisans, this Maison Royale Brandy VSOP, 4 years old,  has warm and nutty aromas. On the palate, this brandy has flavors of fresh spring peach and apricot with vanilla rounding out the finish. Goes down very smoothly. A great price point for a fine brandy.

The main grape variety used is Ugni Blanc which yields lively fresh wines that are distilled into Maison Royale brandy. The grapes used for Maison Royale brandy come from just outside the Cognac delimited area; therefore this fine brandy is not labeled with the Cognac AOC. However, it is made with the same process, expertise and care that goes into making Distillerie Moisans' fine Deau Cognacs.  Distillerie Moisans cellars are ideally located on the banks of the Charente River in niches of limestone concentrate.

700ml/40% Alc/vol.

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