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Glassware & Accessories

Handblown Glassware from Casablanca

A contemporary glass for serving cider, poiré, Pommeau and craft cocktails!

Euro stemless glasses, handblown in Casablanca. Made from recycled glass, lending a wavy, relaxed appearance. 

Founded in 2014, Kessy Beldi is a recycled glass factory located in Marrakech. Heated, handblown and shaped, then finally soaked in a progressive cooling furnace, the glass goes through a complete craft process in order to shape these elegant and distinguished design objects.

Despite its obvious fineness, this glassware is an extremely resistant material that easily withstands everyday life. The aqua blue reflection comes from the recycled glass used for crafting. The glassware is 100% recycled and Fair Trade certified. 6 oz glass.

 $10 per glass / $55 per set of 6 glasses.