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Labiette Castille

Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

This Armagnac is produced in the most coveted region of Bas Armagnac. The aromas display a superb balance between vanilla, dried fruit, and oak. Savor the luscious flavors of oakiness, spice and candied prune.  The Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP is a cellar master blend of 15 premium brandies; each brandy in the blend is aged from 6 to 10 years in Gascony oak casks.

Serve as an aperitif before a meal - neat on ice or slightly chilled.  Also use in premium craft cocktails. 

Produced on the famed estate of Chateau de Laubade, the largest and most-awarded family Armagnac estate in France, this Armagnac is fully traceable from vineyard to bottle.  All four varieties of grapes used in its production - Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Baco and Colombard - are grown, vinified, aged, and blended on the 260-acre estate under the watchful eyes of the Lesgourgues family who have owned the estate since 1974.

750ml 40% Alc/vol.

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