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Premium products with a rich heritage

We offer only premium products from producers in Normandy, Brittany, the Basque region, Calvados, Cognac and Armagnac. The beverages that we carry are personally selected by our founder and CCE, “Chief Cider/Calvados/Cognac Enthusiast”,  Joan Harkins, for their appeal to the American palate. In fact, many of our ciders, poirés, and Calvados, Cognac and Armagnac products have never been available in the U.S. before now.

We have relationships with a half-dozen French producers, many of whom have been producing award-winning products for generations. We import products from the famous Calvados Pays D'Auge, Cognac and Armagnac AOC regions, and from the newly awarded AOC Cotentin region. Some of our products are organic and all are 100% natural. What our suppliers all have in common is an incredible passion for the tradition, heritage, and preservation of a unique part of French culture.

Note:  We currently sell cider, fortified wines and vinegar online for in store pick-up in Seattle's Interbay neighborhood or Fedex Ground Shipping to WA, ID, CA, During the summer months. Please select an option at checkout.

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