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Assortment of French Ciders (small bottles)

Introduce your family and friends to ciders from Normandy, Brittany and the Basque region. These twelve French ciders for only $77 give you a glimpse of how much variety you can find in ciders from France and Spain.  Includes our new Kupela Sagardoa Basque cider in cans!

Box includes twelve 12 oz. bottles:

  • (1) Kystin Opalyne Brut Cider
  • (1) Amour Brut
  • (1) Amour Doux
  • (1) Kystin Kalysie Pear Ginger cider
  • (2) La Chouette Demi-Sec Original cider (Best Buy)
  • (2) La Chouette Apple/Pear Rose cider
  • (2) Kupela Bizia Basque cider 
  • (2) Kupela Sagardoa Basque cider cans