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Prince de Didonne Cognac AOC XO

This fine Cognac is produced in the Jonzac region of France from grapes grown in the Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne terroirs.  

Intensely deep amber with shimmering hues of gold.  A subtle bouquet of dried fruit and oakiness, along with a touch of vanilla. Exceptionally expressive and lingering.  A wonderful balance between delicacy and full bodied-ness, with added complexity of notes of fruit and wood.

This 25-year-old cognac is presented in a luxurious, cut crystal decanter with delicate ornamentation. It is exceptionally harmonious and elegant, a true reflection of the superior aging conditions of the eau-de-vies used for this sophisticated blend. 

Double-distilled in a traditional swan neck still and aged for a minimum of TWENTY FIVE YEARS in oak casks from the Limousin and Troncais forests.

To be savored slowly and patiently after a meal. This Cognac should be reserved for a special circle of friends and family with whom you wish to share treasured memories.

40% alc/vol, 500ml 

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