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Kystin Secret Ice Cider

Kystin Secret Ice Cider is one of the most intriguing ciders coming out of France right now.  Many of our customers have told us they've never tasted anything like it.

Kystin Ice Cider is produced by letting apples freeze on the tree in orchards in Sweden.  The frozen apples are then picked and transported whole to Brittany where Sasha Crommar presses the apples, then ferments and filters the pressed apple juice, transforming into this magical elixir.   

A golden amber color warms up your senses before you experience the heavenly flavors of baked apple, dried cherry, dried mango and a fleeting hint of ripe banana. The perfectly balanced acid on the finish provides an unexpected grand finale.  You'll give this cider a standing ovation and then find yourself asking for an encore.

An almost still cider (if you hold your ear close to the glass after pouring you can hear little, tiny bubbles barely popping). 10% alc/vol.   Presented in a beautiful 750ml bottle with Celtic runes on the label. The bottle alone is worthy of a place in your home bar.

Note: Why use apples from Sweden?  Because the orchards in Normandy and Brittany don't freeze often or long enough to produce the kind of frozen apple Sasha is seeking.