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Marquis de Saint-Loup Calvados AOC 1967 Millésime

This elegant, single distillation AOC Calvados is drawn from one, unique distillation batch from 1967 and aged in old oak casks. 750 ML bottles. In individual gift boxes. 40% alc/vol.

Enjoy the rich amber color. This Calvados has a delicate, fruity and slightly spicy nose, with flavors that open out gradually on the palate. Hints of clove. This is a long and regal Calvados. 

The oldest Calvados deserve the greatest respect: Choose a liqueur glass such as a tulip glass or small brandy snifter, and pour your Marquis de Saint-Loup Calvados with care.  Warm it tenderly in the hollow of your hand.  Run the amber liquid slowly round the glass (held by the base) and admire its color and the patterns it traces on the sides of the glass. Calvados needs to breathe to develop its full qualities.  Wait for at least two minutes before bringing the glass up to your nose, finding the distance at which you can distinguish and absorb the subtle aromas. Then, take a few drops in your mouth before swallowing.  Now you are ready to truly savor your Calvados, sip by sip.  Take your time, and you will note a surprising development in flavor and taste. If you do not indulge too freely, your Calvados will leave a delicate fragrance on your palate.

Available only by special order. Please email info@frenchcider.com to inquire.