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Pierre Huet Calvados AOC Tradition 15 years

This Calvados is an aged and finely blended Calvados where the youngest spirit used in the blend is 15 years old. The spirits are aged in casks that formerly aged Pommeau de Normandie.

Complex with subtle aromas of butter toffee and flowers.  Smooth on the palate, with a finish slightly reminiscent of honeysuckle. Serve in a small brandy glass.

Silver Medal, General Agricultural Competition of Paris 2023 and 2019

This Calvados follows the strict Calvados AOC guidelines  requiring  distillation in a single column still.  The fermented cidre that is used for making this Calvados (called calvados cidre) is fermented for 12 months in hundred-year-old oak barrels before being distilled. After distillation, the resulting spirits are put in oak barrels once again and aged for a minimum of 15 years.  The cellar master blends this Tradition 15 years by carefully selecting the brandies that display the most supple yet complex characteristics.  

750ML bottles in individual gift boxes. 40% alc/vol. 

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