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Pierre Huet Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge VS

This Calvados VS follows the strict Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge guidelines that require double-distillations in a traditional copper pot still called an “alembic á repassé.” The fermented cidre that is used for making Calvados (called calvados cidre) is fermented for 12 months in hundred-year-old oak barrels before being distilled. The Calvados is then put in oak barrels once again and aged for two to three years. 750ML/375ML/50ML bottles. 40% alc/vol.

Silver Medal – Regional Competition, Cambremer, Normandy 2012

Tasting Notes
Tastes of freshly picked apples sautéed in butter, with a hint of mint. Little complexity with a strong “eau de vie” taste.

How to Serve
Perfect in craft cocktails, and for culinary preparations and sauces.

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