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Pierre Huet Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge XO

This Calvados XO (also known as Vieille Réserve 8 years) follows the strict Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge guidelines that require double-distillations in a traditional copper pot still called an “alembic á repassé.”

Complex with subtle aromas of floral and baked apples. Slightly peppery and minty on the palate, with a finish of salted butter caramel.  Serve in a small brandy glass.

Gold Medal, Regional Competition Cambremer, 2012
Vermeil Medal, Regional Competition, Vimoutiers, 2009, 2010
2nd prize, Regional Competition Cambremer, 2007
Bronze Lauriers, National Competition, Caen, 2006
Silver medal, Regional Competition, Vimoutiers, 2006
Bronze Medal, General Agricultural Competition of Paris 2006

The fermented cidre that is used for making Calvados (called calvados cidre) is fermented for 12 months in hundred-year-old oak barrels before being distilled. After distillation, the resulting spirits are put in oak barrels once again and aged for a minimum of eight years. 

750ML/375ML/50ML bottles. 40% alc/vol. 750ML bottles in individual gift boxes.

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