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Pierre Huet Cidre AOP Demi-Sec

This Cidre AOP Pays D'Auge is an unpasteurized demi-sec cider from the appellation d’origine protégée in the Pays d’Auge region of Normandy. It is a traditional French cider produced using the time-honored methods required by the Pays D'Auge. The 100% pure apple juice is fermented between one to four months to achieve the perfect semi-sweet flavor before being bottled. The second fermentation occurs naturally in the bottle. 750ML bottles. 4% alc/vol.

Tasting Notes
Golden, with flashes of orange colors. Lightly effervescent with frothy bubbles, this cider offers an aroma of ripe fruit while striking the perfect balance between semi-sweetness and sharpness. Serve chilled in white wine glasses.

Delicious with appetizers: small plates, cheese (creamy, triple crème style), charcuterie.     Goes well with desserts: light, fruit-based desserts.

Apple Varieties
Bedan, Binet Rouge, Bisquet, Fréquin Rouge, Saint Martin, Rambault, Moulin à Vent, and Mettais, among others, are used in its production.