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Pineau Des Charentes Rouge AOC

2022 USA Wine Ratings - 93 points, Gold medal!

This Jules Gautret Pineau Des Charentes Rouge AOC f is deliciously complex with aromas of baked pastries like raspberry and plum tart. On the palate, rich baked red apple and plum with vanilla and cinnamon spices. Flavors of sultana, fruitcake, light butterscotch, honey, caramel and toffee.

Made by blending 1/4 young Cognac and 3/4 barely fermented grape juice from the famous Charentes - Haute Saintonge delimited region. Then aged for a minimum of 12 months in oak casks, which gives this Pineau Des Charentes a beautiful barrel-aged character. 

Serve on its own, or chilled from the refrigerator.  Very handy as a base for cocktails.

Excellent served with any chocolate dessert or pastries. 

An aperitif wine, 17% alc/vol. 750ml

Once opened, Pineau Des Charentes can keep for up to at least 6 months if refrigerated.