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Your Guide for the Perfect Summer Picnic

by Calin Benson August 04, 2021

Your Guide for the Perfect Summer Picnic

From summit hiking views, lakeside sunsets, and picnics in the park – it’s been the year to enjoy the great outdoors. And after this year, we all deserve to celebrate summer (safely, of course). We’ve curated a delectable guide featuring our premium, French-imported ciders and spirits- perfect for an intimate summer soirée, picnic, or a solo self-care evening.

Pack Your Picnic:

Pierre Huet Cider Bouché

Lightly effervescent and low in ABV, this traditional, unpasteurized cider is crisp and refreshing on a hot summer day, slightly tannic on the tongue with a hint of tanginess. Perfect for sharing. 

Pairings:  Rosemary Croccantini Crackers, Laura Chenel Fresh Goat Cheese, Blackberry Compote, Chickpea Salad Sandwich, Camembert cheese, Charcuterie & Cheese Board, cornichons & pickled accompaniments.

La Chouette Rosé 

This luscious, deep pink Rosé cider is as insta-worthy as it is delicious. Bright, rich fruit, medium sweetness, with a refreshing and tart finish on the tongue. A lovely balance between cider, rosé, and seltzers. Cheers to a glass to your inner sun god(dess). 

Pairings: Peach Bruschetta, Grilled Flatbread with Caramelized Peaches, Burrata, Arugula, and Crispy Serrano, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Watermelon Salad with Feta, Dark Chocolate, Beecher’s Sharp White Cheddar Cheese.

Summer In Paris (variation)

This spirit forward cocktail is layered with an anise, herbal complexity, finishing with crisp fresh notes of apple calvados. Bright citrus is balanced with savory rosemary notes adding sweetness and dimension. Serve over a large ice cube. Garnish with an apple slice and fresh rosemary sprig.  

Pairings: Prosciutto-Wrapped Grilled Camembert with Pineapple, Goat Cheese and Onion Tarts, Shaved Fennel Salad, Mackerel Sandwich with Fennel Slaw, Rosemary Truffle Roasted Marcona Almonds, Blackberry compote. 


Pour absinthe in glass, swirl and discard (for more herbal forward notes, keep the absinthe). Add Calvados, syrup, and freshly squeezed lemon to glass over a large ice cube. Swirl. Garnish with an fresh crisp apple slice and rosemary sprig. 

2 oz. Pierre Huet or Marquis de Saint Loup Calvados
~ ¼ oz. Absinthe (*rinse)
¾ oz. Citrus-Rosemary Syrup*
¾ oz. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

**Rosemary Syrup**

Personally, I love the Raft Syrups, however it’s just as easy to make or use any rosemary syrup substitute. Simmer ingredients over low heat until dissolved. Strain. Keep refrigerated.

1c. Sugar
1c. Water
2 rosemary sprigs
½  oz. lime juice
½  oz. orange juice
Dash white pepper (*do not use black pepper)


Calvados Peach Brandy Soda

A simple, elegant way to enjoy brandy, spotlighting succulent, ripe seasonal summer peaches. This refreshing cocktail is low calorie, effervescent and bright. 

2 oz. Calvados
¼  oz. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
2-3 Fresh Peach Slices (muddled)
La Croix Peach Pear Sparkling Water
Fresh Peach Garnish

Pairings: Peaches, Charcuterie & Cheese (Camembert, Blue Cheese, Humboldt Fog), Caprese Skewers (or salad). 

Armagnac VSOP, XO (neat)

For a more sophisticated take on the evening, savor the sunset over an Armagnac VSOP or XO neat, or over a large rock. Smooth, with subtle notes of sweet caramel and candied fruit, Labiette Castille Bas-Armagnac is a cellar master blend from the most coveted region of Bas-Armagnac, France. 

Pairings: Charcuterie, Cheese Board, Candied Fruit, Vanilla Ice Cream, Grilled Peaches.

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Calin Benson
Calin Benson