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Twelve 12oz bottles Ciders Assortment

These 12 oz. bottles of French ciders are a fun way to introduce your family and friends to ciders from Normandy and Brittany .  Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!  

Gift box includes twelve 12 oz. bottles of three different ciders:

  • (4) Amour Brut (Normandy, organic)
  • (4) Kystin Opalyne Brut Cider (Brittany)
  • (4) La Chouette Rosé Cider (Normandy)

Amour Brut

This full-bodied, fruit-forward organic cider from Maison Hérout is bursting with juicy flavor. It's like biting into a cold, crispy apple followed by hints of orange citrus, forest floor, bitter coffee bean. Slight lavender and apricot on the finish. Full bodied with layered complexity that dances across your palate. 5.0% ABV

Kystin Opalyne Brut

Aromas and flavors of honey roasted apples and nuts, dried pear, strawberry jam, pineapple shrub and a hint of baking spices.  A hint of apricot and caramel as well. Beverage Trade Institute, Gold Medal, 95 points.  4.5% ABV

La Chouette Rosé Cider

Sweet, savory aromas with flavors of dried cranberry, figs, rhubarb, and applesauce. A smooth, medium-length crème caramel finish with poached apples and red currant. A concentrated rosé cider packed with flavorful sweetness." Gold Medal, 90 points, Exceptional, Tasting.com 2018 World Championship. 4.5% ABV