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French Cider All Producers Variety Case

The best gift for the cider lover in your life.  Our French Cider Variety Case introduces cider lovers to the surprising variety of French cider available. Brut, and Demi-sec. Includes a selection from ALL of our cider producers. $175.00 for the selection! (10% off the regular price).

The selection showcases a total of 12 bottles from all of our producers :

  • (1) Maison Hérout Tradition Vintage 2019 (750ml) (Platinum Medal, Perfect Score, Cidercraft Magazine 2022)
  • (2) Maison Hérout Tradition Vintage 2020 (750ml)
  • (1) Maison Hérout Grande Cuvee Extra Brut 2020 (750ml)
  • (1) Pierre Huet Cidre Bouché (750ml)
  • (1) Pierre Huet Cidre Pays D'Auge Demi-Sec (750ml)
  • (2) Kystin Opalyne Brut (12 oz. bottle) ( Gold Medal, 95 points, Beverage Trade Institute,)
  • (2) Hérout Amour Brut (12 oz. bottle)
  • (2) La Chouette Rosé Demi-Sec (12 oz. bottle)

Six 750ML bottles of traditional and AOC cidres (same size as champagne bottles) and six 330ML bottles (12 oz).