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Deau Cognac Napolean

This grand cognac is a reflection of the talent and expertise of our cellar masters, both in the selection of mature eaux-de-vie and in their blending. A long aging process is required to make this Napoléon, specially created for aficionados of spirits and cigars. Warm, rich aromas of vanilla, roasted coffee and dark chocolate followed by spices. On the palate, the full and rich taste fulfills all expectations, striking a remarkable balance between notes of rancio, saffron, candied fruit with dried apricot, cinnamon and dark tobacco on the finish.  Pairs perfectly with your favorite cigar. A rich orange caramel color. 700ml/40% alc/vol.

Distillerie Des Moisans was founded by Roland Bru in 1960 and has been owned by the Bru Legaret family for three generations.  The estate is currently run by the founder’s daughter, Veronique Bru Legaret and her son, Roland Legaret.  Located in a small hamlet in Sireuil (between Cognac and Angoulême), the estate includes the distillery, the aging cellars, a bottling building, and the offices – something rare enough in Cognac to be emphasized! This proximity of all the processes allows the Moisans estate to keep careful control over the quality and customer service at all times.

The Distillerie Des Moisans is passionate about their terroir and vineyards and gives great care to creating the wines that will become Deau Cognac. It is thanks to the land and the vines that the family history carries on.

The estate is located in the Fins Bois region of Cognac, an area renowned for its fine brandies. The main grape variety is Ugni Blanc, which yields lively, fresh wines which are ideal for making cognac.

The distillery is a splendid cathedral-like building with twelve Charentais stills that continuously distill from October through March of the following year. Double distillation allows the distillery to keep only the aromatic “hearts” of the eaux-de-vie, guaranteeing the high quality of the Cognac. The cellar master of Distillerie Des Moisans personally supervises the meticulous work of distillation. Through his talent and expertise, he gives Deau Cognacs the personality and characteristics that are dear to the Bru Legaret family.

The aging cellars are located on the banks of the Charentes River, in niches of limestone concentration, imparting the ideal humidity for slow and harmonious maturation.

700ml, 40% Alc/vol

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