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Producer—Xalbat Seosse Oxarango , Cellar Master—Agustín Etxeberria

Located in the Basque region of northern Spain, Kupela cider is produced using traditional Basque methods. Kupela pays tribute to the Basque sailors who embarked on lengthy sea voyages with cider in barrels ("Kupela" in Basque), rich in vitamin C to fight scurvy.  Its acidity, its lightness and its fruitiness match perfectly with the gastronomy acclaimed by modern Epicureans. 

Kupela collaborates with Agustín Etxeberria, master cider maker in Astigarraga, the “Mecca” of the Basque cider. With him, they have developed a distinct range of products, infusing Basque traditions with new insights into gourmet cider-making. Agustin's expertise has helped bring to market the fresh and low-alcoholic Basque beverages.  

The slow fermentation occurs naturally in oak barrels, thus preserving the naturally sour aromas of Basque apples and the light effervescence that is characteristic of Basque ciders.