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Producer—Eric Lefevre

The idea to sell his family cidre came to him and his friend Ger at Eric’s wedding, where they were celebrating by the little lake in the orchard where his family first made their cidre. When it’s harvest time, all his friends and family come over for days in a row to help him collect all the apples in his orchard by hand.

In the northwest of France, the countryside is covered, not with grape vines, but with beautiful apple trees. Since ancient times, artisans have been pressing and fermenting apples and turning them into a delicious drink that can satisfy like no other. Here, the Lefevre family has crafted cidre, in the artisan tradition, for over 200 years. On their farm in Berville, on the border of the Val d’Oise and Picardy regions, they produce Lefevre cidre: The Orchard of France.

Even though artisanal cidre-making has been a part of the Lefevre family tradition for over two centuries, it wasn’t until recently that Lefevre cidre was introduced to a wider audience beyond Lefevre family and friends. For generations a family tradition has been to serve the family cidre at all Lefevre weddings, placing bottles on the tables where the guests were invited to drink it like fine champagne. When fifth generation descendent Eric Lefevre got married in 2011, he, of course, delighted his guests with the traditional family cidre. Except this time, his best friend, Ger, who was on hand to celebrate the occasion, realized that Lefevre cidre should be enjoyed far beyond Lefevre family events. Within six months, sitting by the small lake next to the Lefevre orchard, Ger and Eric struck up a partnership and began to explore ways to take Lefevre cidre to a broader market while staying true to the 200-year-old legacy of the Lefevre estate.

Lefevre cidre is made from an original family recipe, carefully crafted from 100% fresh pressed apples using traditional French cidre-making methods. Lefevre cidre is low in calories, gluten-free and preservative-free.